Monday, July 7, 2008

Fabulous Fourth!

When we entered the world of adoption, I made several friends online from various parts of the country. These friendships helped a lot during the wait time as we shared our journeys and stories. These same friendships have been a source of encouragement as well as fun post adoption as well. During this time I made a very good friend here in our hometown and in the last 3 years we have talked to each other just about every day.

What I didn't realize then is that over the next 3 years we would make even more friends with the initial connection being solely based on the connection of our adoption stories. Now that doesn't mean we make instant friends with all adoptive families but we have made quite a few. One of these is Leslie, I've mentioned her before. We hadn't been home very long at all when we met her at wal-mart when she stopped us and asked some questions about China adoptions. We've crossed paths with them several other times and were also logged in for our 2nd adoptions about the same time. We also met another adoptive family, Marla at the same Wal-Mart.

Anyway, we had the pleasure of spending our 4th of July at Leslie & Larry's home with their beautiful children as well as Marla and her family and then two other families that we had only met briefly at Leslie's daughter's birthday.

What a wonderful way to spend the 4th! The girls had a wonderful time playing together and they are all just so adorable! And me ... well, I completely enjoyed having a chance to visit with the ladies. What can be more fun that food, fellowship and a house full of happy little girls along with a few big ol' boys!

As Emma says "Thank You Jesus for Friends!"


4ever 4some said...

What a great slide show. And Emma's comment at the end is just the sweetest. If it's okay, I'd love to add you to my blogroll.
Felicia (Ava's mommy)

Anonymous said...

It was such a lovely way to celebrate the 4th! Great to spend time with you and sweet Emma...I still can't get over that adorable dimple and smile!


Marla said...

Cute, cute pictures. Its sad others have better pictures of my kids on their blog than I do, we enjoyed spending the 4th with you guys.