Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flying Horses & Roasted Pigs

Even for those not familiar with the 'Ville (Louisville), you most likely have heard of the Kentucky Derby and know that Kentucky is famous for horses. Derby time is celebrated with the Pegasus Parade, with the pegasus being the symbol of inspiration, freedom and joy. Or so I've read. Not that I personally know that much about flying horses. I'm still not sure I know the connection of flying horses and Louisville, but maybe I'll look into that one day. I just know that around Derby time, you see lots of references to the Pegasus.

A few weeks ago we were invited to an annual cookout - a 'PIG'ASUS Roast! The play on words just really cracked me up for some reason. We saw all kinds of cooked critters in China, and it was common to see the heads still on fish, ducks and such. But I'll have to admit that I don't think I've ever encountered a whole cooked pig before.

I'm still not sure how we seem to keep crossing paths with such thoughtful people, but we had the best time and that cooked pig was awesome! I know I've said this a million times, but this city is plum full of friendly people. I'm constantly amazed at how open they are to making new friendships and how quick people are to offer invitations to get-togethers. It's awesome and so un-Dallas it's not even funny. Not that I didn't like Dallas too, it's just different. And so much very appreciated.

Oh, and the corn cooked in that big ol' kettle. My oh my - that was THE BEST corn I've ever eaten in my life. It was taken right out of the boiling water and plopped into a big can of melted butter. My oh my - i'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

And I wonder why I continue to gain weight? Hmm - maybe I should move back to the big D. :-)


Anonymous said...

That's why I love this town! It's a great hometown feel with big city offerings. It's eclectic and fun and there is always something cool like this going on. So glad you came to the 'ville and you love it like we do! :)

Leslie said...

Girl, you have got something going on all the time. Always seems like fun and friendship follows right behind you, and I can totally see why. Your such a wonderful person, and people want to just be around you. Your going to have to pencil us in sometime...LOL. Missed you at dinner the other night. We will have to do a girls night out again.

Also, that corn looks so yummy.

Marla said...

Sorry we missed this event, maybe we'll get there next year. We love the little town atmosphere too. I cant imagine living anywhere else. Have a great weekend.