Friday, August 1, 2008

Six Flags

A week ago today I enjoyed the day at Six Flags with Ryan & Emma. We had the most wonderful time because it was one of those days where they were absolute angels. Ryan was the best big brother and he rode all the little rides with Emma. He was also so sweet by helping her in and out of the rides. I couldn't have asked for him to act any better. The same thing with Emma, she didn't pester him a single time, was sweet to him and waited patiently with me while Ryan rode some of the bigger rides. I had told them that we really needed to go on a tight budget and they were so good about not asking for things. Truly wonderful day!!!

Of course they made up for it Saturday a.m. :-)


Felicia said...

What a great day for Emma and Ryan to bond. Love the pics, and what a fun family day. Hey, we have our share of Saturday a.m.s ;)

Leslie said...

I'm glas you had a great day with your babies. Looks like fun.

Marla said...

I'm glad you and your kiddos had a great day at KK. We all need more of those.