Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School

My baby boy started 5th grade this year. It just doesn't seem possible that this is his last year in our elementary school. In my mind, he just started kindergarden ... how can he now be one of the "top cats"! (I think that's what he told me the the big ol' 5th graders are called).

Anyway, 17 days later I'm just now posting this. I guess better late than never?!

And of course I couldn't take Ryan's picture w/out the short one among us pestering me to take hers too. Can someone PLEASE tell me where she's learned to strike a pose like that??? That's most certainly not anything I've taught her!


Anonymous said...

That's my girl, striking a pose in glittery pink shoes, no less!!! Haha!


Felicia said...

Hope Ryan enjoys being a top cat this year. Little Emma is working the camera.

Anonymous said...

I can say I didn't teach her that one either-what a cutie!-Amy