Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall Ball - 6 RBI game Baby!

What an exciting game tonight! Well, let me back up for a minute ... Ryan's team had a good season back in the summer, but he had a dry spell as far as hitting was concerned. He walked quite a few times but he only had one hit all regular season. Well, this fall he moved up to the major league and we have an excellent coach who has coached for something like 35 years. He seems wonderful at coaching the fundamentals and is all about sportsmanship.

Their first game was this past Saturday and they were beaten pretty badly. Well, they came back tonight and won 8 - 7 in a really good game! My baby boy was up 3 times to bat and hit each time!!! He had 2 rbi's with the first hit. 3 with the second and then 1 with his last one, which is also the hit that called the game!!! What a way to come out of a dry spell!

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Felicia said...

Jake would be so jealous. He just started soccer but definitely likes baseball better.