Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ryan & Emma got "tagged"

Our friend Felicia tagged my kiddos a while back and I'm just now getting around to asking them their questions. Emma thought that was a LOT of fun and wanted to go back and add more things to her answers.

Name: Ryan, Emma
Age: 10, 4

Favorite Activities:
{R} Eating.
{E} Playing in the water.

Favorite Foods:
{R} Chicken Fried Rice. Chicken Lo Mein and, well – Chinese food and Mexican Food and Meat Lovers Pizza.
{E} Chicken on the bone. Soy ice cream. Rice yellow We haven’t had for a long time ago.
(sidebar from Mom – Emma always uses that terminology when she means we haven’t done something in a long time. As far as “chicken on the bone”, that’s a restaurant term that I first heard after moving to Kentucky and for some reason it cracked me up so I have a habit of asking her if she wants chicken nuggets or chicken on the bone. I think she shares my sense of humor).

Least Favorite Foods:
{R} Brussels Sprout. Sweet potatoes.
{E} Lettuce.

Favorite Music:
{R} Rock. Contemporary Christian. Country.
{E} “That’s Why We Praise Him” and then she broke into the halleluiah chorus. And Kenny Chesney.
(sidenote from mom – nothing like hearing your child sing the halleluiah chorus one day and then “just another beer in Mexico” the next. Or asking me to play a Waylon Jennings CD. We are just a little on the um, diverse side when it comes to the music in this house).

Favorite Toys:
{R} Hot Wheels.
{E} Cars. Motorcyle Car. Sally & Penelope. China Bear. Bunny.

Favorite Books:
{R} Harry Potter!
{E} Fancy Nancy.

Favorite Items of Clothing:
{R} Under Armor shirt.
{E} Shirt Kristie Olges gave me (it’s a Dora shirt). Pretty dresses that grandma sent me!

What makes me Happy:
{R} Surprises! Twirling Mom’s hair.
{E} When mom braids my hair in pig tails. Mom giving me money and letting me buy skittles at the ballgames. When Papa gives me hugs and kisses and when he buys me skittles and pretzels at the ballgames.

What makes me Sad:
{R} Not getting to sit in mom’s lap. And when I get hurt.
{E} When Ryan annoys me

Of course this lead to Ryan adding that Emma annoys him too … and the argument began. Thanks Felicia :-)

and now we tag the "The Frog Sisters"


Marla said...

Cute answers, something had to start an argument. :o)

Felicia said...

Love the chicken on the bone explanation. Emma cracks me up and Ryan's answers reveal what a sweetie he is.