Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rising Sun

We took off a couple of days and made a long weekend with a trip up to Columbus. The weekend began with a side trip to Rising Sun, IN to meet up with a couple of families from our travel group (from when we adopted Emma). One of the couples sat behind us on the mind numbing flight from Chicago to Hong Kong. The other couple took their son, who just so happens to be the same age as Ryan so the two boys were pals for the entire trip. They were also little celebrities while we were in Beijing - with people stopping them and wanting to have their picture taken with them. It was quite amusing and the boys loved it!

Anyway, the one family has recently moved to Rising Sun and so we decided to meet up there. What a cute, quaint little river town! The drive up was beautiful as well because they gave us directions that took us right along the river. Great views!

What an enjoyable evening of fun, fellowship & catching up! The girls were so cute together and Ryan & John Randall had an opportunity to catch back up with each other.


jiangxigirls said...

What a wonderful opportunity! Don't you just love catching up with travel mates! We were afforded the opportunity to do that last week -- one in NJ and the other in OH. Oh how I miss those girls!

Felicia said...

How special to have a travel group to keep in touch with. What a nice time to catch up and visit!