Friday, June 13, 2008

Brent's Green Beans

Emma & Angie Planting Beans

Speaking of the friends that I talked about in my previous post ... as I mentioned, they can cook like nobody's 'bidness. When we adopted Emma, we returned from China on a Saturday evening of Memorial Day weekend. We were bushed! That flight, or more appropriately "flights" take forever. We flew from Guangzhou, China to Hong Kong, to Chicago and then on in to Louisville. I don't remember the exact times but I'm thinking we spent 26 hours traveling. Needless to say, we were TIRED when we landed. We were met at the airport by all kinds of friends and we arrived home to a freshly stocked fridge and several days worth of meals. What a blessing!

Anyway, our friends (mentioned in the previous post) invited us out on Memorial Day for dinner and swimming. We were still exhausted but you just can't pass on dinner at their house. Not only are they good cooks but they are just awesome company too. Dinner consisted of Brent's Green Beans - beans grown in their garden, canned and then seasoned southern' style. And man on man they are awesome!

The funny thing though, was that little Emma could not eat enough of them. That poor child ate like she hadn't eaten in months (and believe me, she had been eating well for us). But she LOVES those beans. It's so cute too because every time we've been out there since then she is scoping out the dishes and you can just tell she is looking for the beans. Anytime we have them somewhere else, even the canned variety at home - she always tells us they are NOT Brent's Beans!

She also likes to spend time in their garden helping Angie pick things. So, the last time we were out there, Angie had saved some seeds just for Emma to plant. Now that baby girl can have her own little section of green beans.

Again, as Emma said the other day "Thank you Jesus for Friends!"

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