Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fancy Nancy to the Max

What a blessing to have people in our lives who care so much for our children! This week we received a big ol' box of some super duper "Fancy Nancy" doo-dads for Miss Emma from our friend Katrina. We met Katrina several years ago when we started the adoption process for our next child and she was then our family advocate. The very first time we met her in person, she was quite smitten with Emma and to my delight, she had the honor of giving Emma her very first sucker. We've been friends ever since!

Back to the box ... Emma was absolutely delighted! It's funny because she is all about surprises and suspense and when I told her she had a present she wanted to wait and open it after breakfast. Before she tore into the package she went down a list of what she thought was in it and boy, her expectations were more than met. Emma is now the proud owner of a "Fancy Nancy" skirt, hat, purse, red feather boa, jewelry that lights up, TWO new pair of fancy shoes, sunglasses ... and I'm sure I'm leaving something out - but all kinds of fun stuff. Katrina said this was to help her in her "pink and glitter education"!

Needless to say, we've had a delightful couple of days with all the glittery things. Our friend Amy had added to Emma's "Fancy Nancy" library a week or so ago which we have now read countless times - now Emma can dress up and read them too!

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