Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Friend's New Blessing

Almost two years ago I received an email from a lady in Washington that I had met online during the process of adopting Emma. She had setup a yahoo group for people with June 2006 LID's and she knew we were in the process of adopting again and wanted me to join (even though I had sworn off joining any new groups until we had our login date). The reason she asked me to join was because there was family who had joined and they were from Louisville and this was their first adoption and Tassie wanted me to touch base with them. Well, I did because Tassie asked. Who would have known from that one email that a wonderful friendship would have been born!

Here we are two years later and we're still friends with their family. Both of their boys absolutely adore Emma and the feelings are mutual.

Anyway, to get to the point of my story ... they decided to adopt a special needs child and were matched with this precious, precious little girl! They will be traveling soon to adopt her and we are SOOO excited for them! She will be 3 years old on Friday and obviously is such a little cutie pie! You can follow their story at:

That page shows one of the first pictures they received of her. It's amazing how much they bundle up the little ones in China!!!

Their main page is:


Kristie and I are going to get to have lunch together on Friday & celebrate Miss Jenna's birthday!

As Emma said the other day "Thank you Jesus for Friend"!

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