Tuesday, June 3, 2008

School Year Comes to An End

The end of the school year finally arrived for Ryan and with that came several activities at school. It's hard to believe my little munchkin just finished the 4th grade - it seems like only yesterday that I was rocking him and measuring his tiny little foot in the palm of my hand. It won't be much longer than he will be taller than me! Back to "end of school year" ... there was a class party to celebrate finishing up their writing portfolios so I was able to go out and have lunch with him.

Then there was a fund raiser at a local bar-b-que restaurant for the kids going to church camp:

We also had the privilege of attending their school play "Go West" - that was a lot of fun! He's on the back row, toward the left with the red bandana.

Now the summer fun begins! He left early this a.m. for 4H camp and then next week he is off to church camp.

I miss him already :-(

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