Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Girl Learns to Swim

There she is!

There she isn't!

Sportin' Some New Hot Pink Goggles!

Swim Baby Girl Swim!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, little Miss M's has been learning to swim! She had a lesson almost every night last week and then through the weekend too. She's doing an excellent job in regards to the motions & mechanics needed for swimming and she doesn't seem to be afraid of going under the water, but bless her short little bones - she's having a hard time getting her head out of water high enough to get a breath. She's trying though and giving it her all and that's as much as I can ask for. On her last day she was able to go about 3/4 the way across the pool and she was able to come up for air 4 times, so we were pleased with that. We're going to leave it alone for now and just let her enjoy the water for the rest of the summer and then maybe go back next year for some additional lessons.

She's also too short to be able to grab on to the side of the pool deck too, at least at the pool she learned in so we'll just take it slow. Like I said though, at least she is enjoying it!

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