Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Emma's Friends

Okay, I know you guys want to see the picure I mentioned earlier.
This past weekend we had the pleasure of meeting up with several families from our travel group and while we had this many together, we had a group picture taken.

There were 14 families in our travel group and all of our daughters resided in the same SWI (Social Welfare Institute/Orphanage) and we were united with our daughters all on the same big day. It was quite emotional to say the least!

Eight of the families were able to make it to the photo-op on Saturday. Aren't the girls just beautiful? I'll have to admit that I can't quit looking at these photos and thinking about the blessing the girls are to their respective families. Occasionally people will make the comment about how lucky/blessed our daughters are - but I tell you, we're the ones who are blessed beyond measure.
It's amazing how much the little stinkers have changed from a mere 3 years ago. They are all spunky and delightful little girls and they had an absolute ball playing with one another.


Marla said...

I love the new look of your blog, isn't Leslie the best!
The girls are too cute for words, I'm with you, we are the lucky ones.

jiangxigirls said...

Love the pic! We do this every February with Olivia's group (14 families also). We enjoy it as much as they do. Although our numbers are dropping from year to year, we still plan on having them done. And yes we are the lucky ones!