Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What Do You Think!

Well, woohoo and happy Tuesday to me! It started off with getting blog flogged by two different friends this a.m. for not having updates from our trip this past weekend to the AHH Reunion picnic - the annual picnic that our adoption agency has. The day started looking up though when I had the nicest offer to have my blog made over! Not sure what I did to deserve such kindness but boy do I appreciate it!

Hop on over to Leslie's blog and check out this kind woman! I think she did an amazing job with ours!


We first met Leslie at Wal-Mart within days of returning home from China with Emma and then ours paths crossed a few more times and now three years later I'm the recipient of this most kind gift.

Now, anyone want to take on say the house, the car, the closets or my oh' my - the dining room table?! They all could use some extreme make overs themselves!

Back to my blog-flogging ... I have his weird thing about wanting to post things in chronological order. Is that goofy or what? This idiosyncrasy started with scrapbooking and has carried over to blogging. For instance, I still have pictures and comments to make about our trip to Nashville back in April but can't bring myself to put 'em up since I've posted newer things since then. Anyway, I'm dying to post some pictures from our AHH reunion from this past weekend but the pictures are still residing on my camera and the download fairy hasn't been so kind to move them over to my laptop yet. I do however possess the cutest group picture of some of the girls from our travel group that I'm just dying to post ... but again, we have that whole chronological order hangup. So ... instead of therapy, I'll just jump right in and post it later today. I have to either get over my hangup or as the nike thing says "just do it" ...

Leslie - Again, thank you so much for the beautiful blog makeover. You did an excellent job!


jiangxigirls said...

Love the new look! Can't wait to see your pics from the picnic. Great to see you there!


akmansfield@mac.com said...

I love it!

Leslie said...

I'm so glad you love it. I will have to teak it a bit more later on.

So do you know Becky from jiangxigirls? Her daughter is a Panda Pal, but I haven't met them yet. She has two adorable little girls.

Happy Tuesday and I can't wait to see all your updates.