Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Honor Of Missing Ryan

Ryan spent last week at 4H camp and this week at church camp ... and I'm ready for the little guy to make it home! It's been pretty quiet around the house and even though it seems like we've had something going on every night, I still miss him. Two weeks is too long!

So, while I am thinking about him, and missing him, and wishing he was sitting in my lap - even though he's too big to sit in my lap - the next best thing to do is to look at pictures of him. It cracks me up to see him enjoying the water so much because he used to be very scared of learning to swim and especially to go under water. But he learned several years ago through an instructor that says she can teach you to swim in 7 days. Let me say this, she earned her money with him. Speaking of her, Emma is currently taking lessons - pictures of her coming up in a day or two.

These were taken a few weeks ago out at some friends. They had a big party to celebrate their daughter graduating from high school. This is the couple who first invited us to the church where we are now and we've been friends with them ever since. They are lots of fun to hang out with and visit with ... and man they can cook too!

I decided to crop this one & repost ... have I ever mentioned I LOVE my new camera?!

And then while I was at it, I thought I'd crop it again.

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