Thursday, June 26, 2008

Journey To Jenna

Well, our friends left early yesterday a.m. on the first leg of their trip to adopt Jenna so they should be in China by now! You can follow along on their journey if you like:

Jenna turned 3 years old a few weeks ago and I met up with Kristie for lunch and to celebrate her birthday.

Trying to come up with a unique birthday present, I googled 'traveling with toddler' and found some of the neatest ideas to keep little hands busy on long, long flights! So, I spent several of my noon hours going to various places and found some items to go along with those ideas. Here are some of the ideas I found:
  • Paint Brush & Construction Paper - The idea was to let the child just use water to "paint" on the construction paper.

  • Lift-A-Flap book to keep those little hands busy.

  • Small containers of playdoh

  • Painters Tape - I know, this one sounded odd, but knowing how much fun Emma can have with tape, I thought it would be worth trying.

  • Squishy balls

  • Little toy balls that have the suction cup things on them. Those should stick very well on the airline tray table!

  • Stickers!

  • Craft Sticks - The ones that look like pipe cleaners. Scott has been tasked with creating little animals for miss Jenna out of those.

  • Ocean Themed Finger Puppets

  • A soft/cuddly little baby doll.

  • "Watch Them Grow" animals, the ones that come in a little capsule and you place it in a cup of water and watch them grow.

  • Stacking cups

There were some more things, but now I can't remember them all. Hopefully they will come in handy on that 'never-ending-flight' home. I've mentioned our flight(s) before, Emma was good for the most part but my goodness I felt like we were never going to get home!

Please pray for safe travels for our friends and for a smooth transition for Miss Jenna!


Marla said...

What a nice thing to do, we'll keep them in our prayrers. I love the new makeover of your blog.

Leslie said...

She is so cute Carolin. Thanks for sharing the link. I follow along on their site anyways, but it's neat to know they are from this area.

Love the bag of fun stuff. Did you make that bag?

Carolin said...

They live just down the street from where I work. Not sure if you remember, but they were at the dinner there at our church that Katrina had that time. I'm thinking it was around Christmas time? I remember that you had your picture of Lily but you hadn't traveled yet.

As far as the bag, isn't that cute! My sister sent Emma's birthday presents in it and I thought it was just too cute. I LOVE the happy colors in it!