Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Go Yankees!

The playoff games for Ryan's league started the week Ryan was at church camp but thankfully he was back for the subsequent games. They played this past Monday night and lost by one run in a highly emotional game that included the coach from the other team being ejected from the game! One doesn't typically see that kind of drama in the league we play in so it was quite surprising for me! Emma had a game the same night and we were just arriving as the action started. We got there just in time to see Ryan's team looking defeated and then 2.3 seconds later they were jumping up and down in excitement with that being followed by some pretty loud fussing from the other team. Something about it made me think of the wave thing they do at the big games.
Anyway, all the action was over by the time M and I got up to the stands. Then all of our team's excitement went down the drain when they lost by the 1 run. This dropped them down into the losers bracket and they played again last night and won 12 - 3! So now they are playing on Thursday night and will be facing the team they lost the 1 run to. Emma's last game is the same night, what's a mama to do?!
Little Ryan is going to be one tired little guy this week as he goes to an all day basketball camp during the day and then with all these games at night, we're not getting in bed at a decent hour. If they win the first game on Thursday then they will play again at 7:30 that night. Surely to goodness July will be a slower month for us!

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