Thursday, June 26, 2008

I just thought baseball season was ending tonight ...

Ryan's team made it to the championship and a double header was on for tonight starting at 6. Little M's last t-ball game was scheduled for tonight at 6:45 (in a different town of course).

Amy most graciously volunteered to take M's to her game while Brian & I went to Ryan's.

Top of the 5th inning, we're ahead 2 to 0 (with Ryan being the proud owner of one of those runs) and the sirens went off. We waited the requisite 30 minutes but the weather didn't cooperate. So, we're on hold until Monday for Ryan.

Emma's game on the other hand was called off, I doubt seriously if it will be rescheduled. Amy says M missed her turn to bat because she had to make a potty run ... but, the most important thing - she did get a medal and a signed ball and a snack. Life is good.

More baseball next week. And I just THOUGHT we were going to slow down for a while.

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