Monday, June 21, 2010

For Today

Outside my window: It's pretty warm here today, but not as humid as it has been - thank goodness!

I Am Thinking: About how nice it is to have Ryan home, and how quiet it seemed to be while he was away. He had a WONDERFUL time at space camp - what a great opportunity for him!

I Am Thankful For: The scholarship that paid his way, airfare, food, lodging, camp and all.

From The Kitchen: Not much! Being gone every night doesn't really make for an easy time of cooking.

I Am Wearing: black shorts, black and white shirt. Barefoot!

On the 'Go Organize' Front: No change from last week - you have to be home to be able to organize.

I Am Going: To just chill out for a while, then head to bed and try to finish my book.

I Am Reading: "The Middle Place" - which admittedly has had me in tears a few times. The story is about the author's battle with cancer and then her dad ends up with cancer too. One of those books that makes you cry one minute and then laugh the next. Having lost my dad to cancer, you can only imagine why I tear up.

I Am Hoping: That vacation time gets here soon ... I'm ready to go!

I Am Praying For: Little Rebecca.

I Am Hearing: Ryan. Like I said earlier, it was so quiet while he was gone :-)

Around The House: Paper to read, mail to go through, thank you notes to write from Emma's birthday party. Never late than never I'm hoping!

One Of My Favorite Things: Watching Rebecca play t-ball! The season didn't start out too well as you've probably seen in some of the pictures I had posted. She loves being up to bat - but can't stand being out in the field. But she's coming around, really hustling for the ball, paying attention to what's going on! I think she just might make a little ball player!

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: The girls had a t-ball game tonight, Ryan had batting practice in a different town all while Brian had a meeting at church. Baseball game for Ryan tomorrow night, playoff game. Youth family (church) event on Wednesday at our friend's house. T-Ball game for the girls on Thursday and possibly another game for Ryan if they win tomorrow night. So far Friday night is open. Swim party on Saturday. Then Ryan leaves for church camp on Sunday. Biz-EEE.

Have a great week everyone!

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