Sunday, June 20, 2010

Papa & His Newest Peanut


First of all, Happy Father's Day to my sweet, sweet husband! Not only do I love him, but I love spending time with him and laughing with him ... just plain ol' enjoy any time I have with him!

The real reason for this post though, in honor of Father's Day is that I want to share a little about Brian and Rebecca. Not sure why, but Rebecca pretty much took up instantly with Brian and Emma when we first adopted her and kept me at arm's distance (at best). Thinking back and trying to analyze the 'why', I think it was really because she saw me as the woman who took her away from Amanda. Maybe that's it or maybe I'm completely off base but nevertheless, she wanted nothing to do with me while we were in China. When we went walking she wanted to hold his hand. When we were on the bus, she wanted to be seated next to him. At meal time, you guessed it - she wanted to be seated right next to him. I'd be telling a major kind of story if I were to say that it didn't bother me because it did but I also knew that once we got home and settled in that it would be okay. Which it was. No sooner had we gotten home than I became the 'go to' parent and our relationship hasn't done anything but grow stronger since. But as our relationship grew she had less and less to do with Brian. Now here we are a year and half since her adoption and I am starting to see a little daddy's girl emerging from Bex. It started out with some small silly little things and then the other day I heard her refer to herself as 'papa's peanut'. You can't imagine the smiles on both of our faces when she said that because that is Brian's pet name for Emma and by her saying that it appeared that she was basically saying 'move over Emma - another peanut is in the house'!

Xian, China ... holding her papa's hand.

Adoption day - asleep on her papa's shoulder.

Summer 2010 - pretending to fix her papa's hair. We've come a long way baby!


quilt-n-mama said...

Oh what memories these pictures from Xian bring back- what a huge blessing to have met you all and walked this road with you friend.
Hope your day was a huge blessing! One of these days we need to catch up... it's me that is so far behind:)

Teresa said...

Caroline was definitely a daddy's girl the entire time in China. I used to joke that I was "the woman who accompanied her daddy to China." Like you, it bothered me, but deep down I knew that once we got home, it would change. And it has. She's mamma's girl all the way now. And I'm sure it will change again.

She is so expressive in her photos. I just love her!