Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Sax Guy

Ryan asked to join band when he was in the 5th grade and I'll have to admit I was a little skeptical about it. First, we're so stinkin' busy with other activities that I really wasn't sure if he would practice or not. Then there's the whole price of the instrument thing, it just seemed like a lot of money. But, I've always loved music even if I'm the most musically un-inclined person on the face of the earth so we decided to go with it and see how he does. Needless to say, he's done very well and I'm so proud of him! They had a concert at the end of the year and he and the young lady to the left of him had a duet that they did a great job on! The sax is my favorite instrument, well - next to the piano anyway and I'm just thrilled that is what he asked to play.

I had to laugh later because we were talking about the concert and Emma asked me what instrument I played when I was little. She couldn't believe it when I told her that I didn't so I tried explaining to her that things were different when I was little and that also my parents just didn't have the money to spend on things like that ... bless her little heart, she asked me with the saddest voice possible "were you poor?" which sounded more like "poe-uh". How do you explain to a 6 year old that money doesn't make you happy and even though things were tight when we were little, that we had a wonderful childhood? Hopefully I was able to get her to understand!

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fleur de lis cottage said...

Ryan may be the next Kenny G. He looks right at home with that sax!