Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rebecca and T-Ball

As I noted in an earlier post (Rebecca's First T-Ball Game) , t-ball didn't start out so well for little Miss Rebecca. She was so excited about playing, excited about her new orange shirt and orange socks and she was excited when it was time for her to bat. But when it was time to be out in the field she wanted to make sure her displeasure was noted. Of course it's funny looking back now, but it was a little nerve wracking to be sitting there watching her being obviously so unhappy. But we somehow muddled through those first few games then all of a sudden - the ball player in her came out! She was going for the ball like crazy. Even her little stance was like the big guys. Needless to say, she's one unhappy little girl now ... but only because t-ball is over for the summer. Too bad there isn't a ball t-ball league!


Jet said...

I LOVE these pics Carolin!!!! You did a great job capturing her... and she looks so cute in that outfit (orange is THE dutch color ;-)

Diane and John said...

What terrific pictures. Looks as if Rebecca has a lot of perseverence. I am so glad that she enjoyed the T ball season!