Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer is for Camps

Ryan is having one busy summer, last week it was 4H camp and this week it's Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. Put my baby boy on a plane yesterday - all my himself - an 'unaccompanied minor'. Big deal for him? Not really. Big deal for me? Well, it's not easy but I made it through w/out any tears!

I'm so proud of him because he won a scholarship to attend space camp, something I've wanted him to be able to do for a long time - but just not something we can really afford. Needless to say, we count this as a huge blessing for him to get to go!

The whole arrangements thing was a little weird/funny though as the organization that he won the scholarship through took care of all of his arrangements. When his tickets and agenda came in the mail I really didn't pay them that close of attention because I assumed he would fly to Huntsville since we're only 4 1/2 - 5 hours away. I realized a few days ago though that no, he was flying from here to Chicago, changing planes and flying to Oklahoma where he would spend the night and then ride a chartered bus with other scholarship recipients to Huntsville. The bus was scheduled to leave at 6 in the morning and then not arrive in Huntsville until 8 at night. What a long way to get there!

So we show up at the airport yesterday to find that the weather is bad in Chicago and that his flight is delayed, the flight that should have left at 10:45 that a.m. had not even left. He didn't have that much time between flights in Chicago as it was and I started worrying that he wasn't going to make the connection. So here I am all worried but Ryan doesn't seem concerned one iota. In that regard, he's just like his daddy.

All that to say, a very nice gate agent ended up putting him on the flight that should have been gone earlier that morning and then the flight to OKC was delayed because of the weather so he ended up catching it after all but didn't arrive until way later than what was scheduled. I'm just happy he made it!!! At this point though, I'm thinking it would have been much easier to just drive him to Huntsville!

He used to love for me to take his picture, not sure when that changed. Smile Ryan, c'mon ... I'm going to hug you right here in front of everyone if you don't.

There - that's much better.

Bye Ryan.

Bye baby ... I mean Ryan, have a great time. Call me. I'll miss you. Sugah' lump.

I'm sure he MEANT to turn around and wave but it just slipped his mind.

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