Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back On Schedule

School is back in session which means we're back on a schedule. Fall baseball started for Ryan and gymnastics starts back up for the girls tomorrow. Brian is back to choir practice on Wednesdays. Homework. Reading. Some more homework. A 7th grader that does his homework without any reminding. A first grader who tells me she hates homework. But I'm thinking she didn't hate it until she realized she had to do it herself. At least I think there is a direct correlation. If any more nights are like tonight (in the homework department anyway), I think I may just run away from home :-) The assignment was to use each of the words on her vocabulary list in a sentence. Tears, footstomping and lots of "I can't ..." ensued. She said "I don't like homework" then told me she didn't know how to use the word "don't" in a sentence ... hmmm.

Calgon, please take me away - this is not a good way to start the school year.

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Kristie said...

We had tears over homework on Tuesday night, she couldn't do it either!! Until she was told no going outside if she didn'tcomplete the work. Boy it's going to a long year. ha-ha