Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Better Half

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. We celebrated a little early this year, trying to procure overnight child care can be a tad bit complex. Just getting up enough nerve to ask someone to stay with them is difficult as it is! We haven't had been anywhere overnight without kiddos since Ryan was probably 4 or 5 so we were long overdue. Thankfully, Emma's first teacher Amy came and stayed with the kiddos (bless her kind soul). We went and had dinner - alone! Checked into a lovely bed and breakfast that overlooks the Ohio river, went for a long walk then spent some time on the deck just talking to each other and enjoying a beautiful sunset. It was so nice having that much time together to just do nothing!!! The next day we went to a small town and walked around checking out a few cute little stores and few antique stores. It was really, really nice & it's something we really should do more often.

Then last night we went out as a family and enjoyed some yummy Indian food!

Happy Birthday Brian - Love you with all my heart!!!!

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Kristie said...

That sounds so nice. Everyone needs some adult time. You know we would love to watch the kids anytime you need someone. Happy Birthday Brian!!