Friday, August 27, 2010

Starfish Babies

As many of you know, Rebecca lived with Amanda at the Starfish Home in Xian, China. Amanda's mission in life is to help medically needy orphans get the medical care they need and then to take care of them until their forever families arrive. Words just can't describe enough how much I respect and appreciate her life work!

I really haven't had the time to reach out to every family who adopts a Starfish child but a couple of new families caught my eye the other day, one in particular because they are from Tennessee. Makes me smile to think of another little Chinese child with a southern accent :-)

Anyway, these two families will be traveling to Xian soon - check it out, wish them well and remember them in your prayers!




Tomorrow we will be welcoming home some friends who have traveled back to get their 2nd daughter. I need to make sure I take my kleenex to the airport, a new child home with their forever families ALWAYS makes me cry!

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