Sunday, August 15, 2010

For Today

Outside my window: It's rainy and storming again ... such an odd thing for August here.

I Am Thinking: About how I haven't done this little exercise in a while and have missed it. But life's been a little slower lately and so we've had a few weeks of just hanging out instead of running up and down the road. It's been nice!

I Am Thankful For: My sweet hubby who will celebrate his birthday this Wednesday! Happy Birthday Brian!!!

From The Kitchen: I made a double batch of chicken caccitore yesterday and we enjoyed the first of it today, it was yummy. We also enjoyed a new recipe from the pioneer woman's site yesterday for sesame noodles or asian noodles, something like that - the kids really enjoyed it. Although Ryan would have much preferred something with some meat in it. haha. Brian does most of the cooking around here since he works from home but I've decided I'm going to try to find some things I can make double batches of on the weekends, or possibly some crock pot recipes so I can take some of the load off of him. So, if you have any good recipes for freezer or crock pot meals, please send them my way.

I Am Wearing: gray shorts, white t-shirt. Barefoot!

On the 'Go Organize' Front: All of the bedrooms are now finished!!! Wooohooo! We did go out and buy a few new accessories for Ryan's room but still need to find some more things to decorate with. Still need to hang pictures in the girls room too - not quite sure why we can't seem to find the time for that. And our room, we FINALLY have matching side tables for our bedroom set. I feel like such a grownup :-) Now, that room needs some accessories too. Not a single thing hanging on the walls yet!

I Am Going: To bed soon, I was out all afternoon with the kiddos today at a birthday party and I am worn out from the heat.

I Am Reading: I've started 3 books in the past few weeks and can't seem to get in to any of them. A trip to the library is much needed. Any reading suggestions from any of my friends? Oh, I did pull out Bill Cosby's "Fatherhood" book the other night because I was in need of a laugh and it did the trick. He's so funny! Along those lines, I also finished Dave Barry's book "Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage and or Sex". I laughed so hard I cried on that one - he's a funny guy too.

I Am Hoping: That Brian has a wonderful birthday! I took him out of town last Sunday night and we had some much needed R&R - spent the night at a cozy bed & breakfast overlooking the Ohio river. Had a nice dinner on the river too and then spent our evening out on the deck just talking and catching up. We really should do that more often. A sweet friend of ours, well actually she's probably more so Emma's friend - but I like to count her as one too - came and spent the night with the kiddos to give us the opportunity to have some time together. Hopefully one of these days we can repay the many kindnesses she has shown our family. I like to tease her than when she has a baby, I'll be like the grandma! haha!

I Am Praying For: Little Rebecca, she wanted to start kindergarden and to be able to ride the bus with Emma, but with her having a late birthday we're going to wait and let her start next year. Also praying for Ryan and Emma as Ryan starts the 7th grade (which doesn't at all seem possible) and Emma starts the first. So thankful to have children who love school!

I Am Hearing: The dryer just buzzed but other than that all I hear is the thunder.

Around The House: House fairly picked up but laundry still to put away. School supplies ready to go on Wednesday. Daycare bags packed and ready for tomorrow a.m.

One Of My Favorite Things: Watching the kids swim, they all LOVE the water! The party we attended today was at the local pool and I sat back today (w/out a camera if anyone can believe that) and just watched the kids. I didn't even really visit with any of the parents - just watched my babies. Emma - she's a 'run with the pack' kind of girl and pretty much is with someone or several someones when we are places. Then there's Rebecca, just playing and enjoying the water and pretty much doing her own thing. She did play with some of the kids and played with the birthday girl's older sister for a while but other than that she kept herself occupied. Ryan is more like Emma, he was pretty much playing with or talking to someone the entire time.

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: School starts on Wednesday which also happens to be Brian's birthday. Gymnastics starts back on Thursday. Ryan's fall baseball team should be starting up any time now too. These past few weeks have been enjoyabled but now the tide is turning and we'll be on the go again.

Have a great week everyone!

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