Friday, August 13, 2010

Bed Time

Not sure why, but I have a thing for cute little cotton jammies for the girls and on 99.9999% of the nights that's what they wear. But on this particular night Emma had wanted to wear a new shirt she had been given from Ryan's orthodontist and so Rebecca wanted to wear a t-shirt too. She is wearing one I had bought for Ryan when he was probably 5, maybe 6. "Not Large But In Charge" - it fit him in every way imaginable.

Anyway, we had tucked the girls in and kissed them goodnight but when we went back in later to check on them ... there was Bex sound asleep with all her babies, and with a bible in her hand. One of those moments that just melts your heart. Then you realize you just took a picture of your child sleeping in an old t-shirt instead of cute little jammies. I think she has her priorities right though, our baby girl sure has a heart for the bible.


Lindy said...

So sweet! There is barely room in the bed for Bex with all those stuffed animals.

sierrasmom said...

Too, too sweet!!!