Monday, August 16, 2010

Ryan's Room

With all my talk of remodeling, redoing, throwing out and straightening up - I thought I should probably post a picture or two. Really I should have done some before / after shots but goodness, the carpet was in such bad shape, his furniture didn't match and a thing or two (maybe 3, maybe more) had been with him since he was little and was way too 'kiddy' for a strapping 12 year old. So, with all that said - here's Ryan's new room!

I really need some decorating help though. The things he had on his wall before were such a klugey/mismatched mess and now that we're basically starting over with a clean slate, I would like for it to look nice and neat. Therefore one whole wall (the one at the foot of his bed) is completely empty. Ideas anyone of what could go there?

The print above his bed is new. The kite is from our first trip to China. The curtain rod is the only carryover from his other room, but since he was born in Texas - I just couldn't give them up.

Oh, and the spots - I used Ryan's camera when we went to the river and I must have gotten some water spots on the lens that I can't seem to get off.


quilt-n-mama said...

I love Ryan's room! His walls look about the color of my new kitchen and dining room!
One of my guys was born in Texas too- his room is now officially known as "The Ranch," here at the new house:)
Looking forward to the Ville in Nov. hopefully we can work it out to get together.

trina said...

Love, love the accent wall. I'm sure he is loving his room. I soooo got to do the same for our kiddos. Got all the ideas in my head. Just need to make it happen. :)