Wednesday, October 8, 2008

33 Days and Waiting

33 days since we sent our letter of intent (LOI) to adopt Rebecca. Not that I'm counting ...

This wait is difficult for me but I do trust that God is in control and it will happen when it's supposed to happen. I believe that. At the same time though, my heart is set on getting to China to get our precious daughter.

On a different note, Emma was a little aggravated this morning in my choice of clothing for her and as I was fixing her hair she told me she was mad at me. I told her that it was okay to be mad at me, that I love her even if she is mad at me. She paused for a minute and then asked "Does Jesus still love children when they are mad at their parents?" Bless her little heart. I assured her that yes, Jesus loves us even when we are mad. Just like parents still love their children when they are mad, except Jesus loves us more!


Marla said...

I hope you hear something soon. The wait is so hard.
Dont you love conversations with them, too cute.

jaredandkatie said...

Well, when I read this, I just had to go see what Emma had on today. She looks adorable! I asked her if she was still mad at you and she said, "For what?" If only we could all forget so quickly!

Leslie said...

How I remember what that wait was like. Hang in there, because it will happen before you know it.

That Emma is just so Jesus does love her, and so do I.