Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hay Time

These were taken at the Moon Festival this past weekend. The young man pictured with Emma is the son of a couple that we met after starting the process for our second adoption. During the wait for our first adoption, the big online thing was yahoo groups and I was a member of several of them. It was a fun way to “meet” people from all over that were adopting at the same time we were. There was one group in particular that was lots of fun and had just a wonderful camaraderie about it and we did things such as cyber showers and post card exchanges. When we started the process for the second adoption, I received an email from a friend I had met through this group that knew we were adopting again, although at that time we were not officially logged in yet. She asked me if I would join a new group that she had started for people logging in during the June 2006 timeframe because someone from Louisville had joined it and she wanted me to welcome her. Well, long story short – I did & through a series of events outside of that yahoo group we have become really good friends with this couple and their children. They traveled earlier this year to adopt their little girl Jenna who is 3 & is the cutest little thing!

Anyway, we had plans to meet up with them at the Moon Festival. Both of their boys just adore Emma and it’s evident by the way they play and interact with her. You can tell from the glee on her little face how much she enjoys them … and how much she enjoyed playing in the haystack. Adam jumped with her, jumped while holding her and even pitched her in a couple of times. This went on and on and on. How in the world can a teenager have so much patience?!

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Marla said...

Its so nice to meet people from all over. Glad you had a great time at the Moon festival.