Monday, October 20, 2008

Funnies From The Short People of the House

  • Ryan recently purchased "Guitar Hero" for his nintendo ds & subsequently discovered some older rock songs. He seems so very surprised when it's a song his dad knows. Not sure exactly how old he thinks we are, but I guess that's another discussion. He has brought up the song "Smoke on the Water" several times - I can't say that I've ever heard it, and if I did - I guess I just didn't know the name but I can pretty much guarantee that Emma hasn't heard it. So she comes into the den the other night and is playing one mean rock-n-roll air guitar and she starts singing "Smoke on the water. Gently down the stream". Oh how I wish I had that on video.
  • I was teasing Ryan the other day about buying a lawn sweeper thing for his parents and he replies that he can't buy it because his money is all on "disk". I finally figured out what he meant, his money is in a CD. LOL.
  • Emma & Ryan are really into cars these days & have to discuss every single car that we pass or that passes us. If it's a corvette, Ryan has to discuss what generation. If it's a mustang, the discussion centers on whether or not it's a GT. Not that either one of them know what the GT means, but when I asked Emma how you know a GT from a non-GT - her reply spoken very slowly "it has a Geee-Teeee-" on the side. Am I smarter than a 4 year old? Apparently not. Oh, and last but not least. A "Mitsubishi" is an "eetsi beetchi"
  • When talking about the weather, Ryan asked what the "Wind Shield Factor" was.

Oh man - we really should get them out more often :-)

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