Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Chore Store

A few weeks ago I shared my frustrations with a messy home and asked for ideas on engaging the short people of the home to help without having to ask them for help. I know, I know - big wishes. Well, I took a little of what I read from the pioneer woman site and changed it up a bit and implemented a "system". Ryan & Emma both have 3 chores they must do each day to earn a token. They must do all 3, no partial credit here. The tasks aren't huge and only take a few minutes of their time but goodness it's a huge help.

Ryan's chores are: keep the den picked up, put up the clean dishes and take out the trash.

Emma's chores are: belongings placed on the stairs are to be taken to the appropriate room, setout the napkins & silverware for dinner and placing the pillows on the sofa in the den.

First of all, it's an absolute hoot to hear Emma say she needs to take things to the "appropriate room". There's nothing funnier than hearing a 4 year old say "appropriate". But the absolute best thing that's come out of all of this is the sofa pillow thing ... Prior to the chore chart, I swear Emma could just walk through the den and leave a path of destruction of pillows. It drove me NUTS. I felt like I was always picking up pillows. But boy how that tide has turned now that she is the one responsible for the pillows. Brian & I both were trying to keep our laughs to ourselves the other night when we heard Emma fussing at Ryan to not mess up the pillows! She event went so far to tell him that if he messed them up, he was picking them up!!!

They are able to redeem their tokens at the end of the week at the "mommy chore store" that is stocked with sugarfree gum, mints, some dollar store things and even a few movies. It was priceless to watch them shop the first night the chore store was open.

I think this system is going to work!


Felicia said...

Great idea. I have that same pillow issue. I need to implement this system.

Jboo said...

That sounds like a great system. I may have to try it myself.

Have a fun week!


Mia-Bella said...

This is ingenious. I love it!