Monday, October 6, 2008

Waiting for Rebecca

Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of us sending our LOI (letter of intent) to adopt Miss Rebecca. This letter is one that is sent to China after you have been pre-matched by your agency. There's so many things I want to share about Rebecca but really do not feel like I can until we receive either our PA (pre-approval) or our LOA (letter of acceptance).

The process we are following isn't at all like the process we went through when we adopted Emma. The paperwork steps are completely different and there also doesn't seem to be a specific order/method in which paperwork is sent back. We really thought/expected to receive our PA within two weeks of sending our LOI but we haven't. China was shut down for a week for their national holiay so maybe that is why. From what I've read though, some people completely skip the PA step. Will we? We have no idea.

Emma is telling her teachers and friends that we are going to China in December. I can't help but feel that our window of opportunity for doing so is getting slimmer by the day, but you never know. Maybe Emma knows something I don't. :-)

For now though, I'm in nesting mode and worked on their closet this weekend and also went ahead and boxed up 3T clothes to hand down. I took care of the 18, 24 month & 2t sizes last weekend. We've been given her latest measurements and she outweighs Emma by 1/2 lb and is taller by 1/2". Future hand me downs may end up either being duplicates or handed "up" instead of down!


Felicia said...

I know you must be bursting with excitement and anticipation. She gets cuter and cuter every pic I see.

Mia-Bella said...

Is she not just the cutest little thing since sliced bread or what?!?!

Your paving the way for me, braving all the PA, TA's, etc...and the dreaded wait after you "know". Gosh, this is hard.

I'm praying for speedy everything for you!