Monday, January 19, 2009

The Alley of Flags and Fires

Remember me telling about getting lost in Xian? And how we ventured down this scary alley that had flags and fires and how there was the "Super 8" sign was just the sign Ryan needed to remember how to get us back to our hotel. Right at the end of the alley of Flags and Fires, we were mere steps away from our hotel.

So before we left Xian the other day we went back for two reasons. The first being that we wanted to buy some China flags for the girls and the second was so that I could see this alley in the daytime to see if really was as scary as it seemed in the dark!

We tried buying flags from a couple of people but none of them spoke any English and couldn't even understand when we were asking how much but we finally found one who understood just enough and we bought each of the girls a flag. The shop lady was very kind and also gave them little flags on wooden sticks. They were two happy little girls!

Here's the scenes from the daytime:

Lots and lots of Flags.

Almost every store in Xian had plastic things like this for the doors. Some you could see through and some you could not.

Even in the daytime there were fires.

We saw all kinds of things loaded up on bicycles.

And there it is ... THE sign. Who would ever think that a Super 8 sign was THE sign to lead you home :-)

And last but not least, flags for the kids.

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Felicia said...

I so loved our experience in China...the gracious and lovely people. However, it also made me appreciate our country even more, and to be content with what I have.

Oh, the comfort of a Super 8 sign. Love the picture of E,R, and R with their flags.