Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lunch Anyone?

We ventured out to the Muslim Market for lunch yesterday. It was a site to behold and the yummiest lunch! Brian & I could have spent hours and hours there but it's hard keeping up with two little girls in such a crowd. Plus, we seem to get lots of stares. Our guide was telling us that adoption is not that well known/done in this province so I guess it is very unusual for people to see caucasians with two little Chinese girls.

The street we were on was filled with restaurants and stores on each side and then the street itself was full of people and then individual carts of goods and food, food and more food. The sites, sounds and mostly the smells will be with me for a long time. Our guide tells us that homemade noodles are the best here in all of China and after lunch, I would have to agree with her. I would have loved to been able to sample some of the street vendor food but she didn't think that would be a good idea!


Jboo said...

Amazing photos! How fun that you got to experience so much of the real China. Your photos of the girls together are so sweet! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You got to love those smells!! Unless you've been to China, there is no way to describe it, there is no words for it,ha-ha. It was soemthing we will never forget either.
Love the pictures. I bet your glad to have that nice camera for this trip.
Your day is coming to an end, so sleep well.
Scott, Kristie, Adam,Alex and Jenna

Andrea Nielsen said...

Sounds like quite an adventure...and quite a change from Kentucky! Congratulations again. She is precious!

Lori Lynn said...

Wishing you a belated congratulations! Rebecca is adorable! The pictures are great and it looks like a wonderful adventure.

Lori W