Friday, January 2, 2009

Rebecca and Norah

My friend from the Netherlands continues to make my day! Apparently Amanda from the Starfish Home had given her some pictures and she ran across these of her daughter with our daughter. Priceless!
I've been told that Rebecca is very loving and affectionate to the younger children there in the foster home. From the looks of these pictures, I would say that's so ... but poor little Norah, not so sure she is enjoying all of that affection!


Marla said...

Oh my, just stick that little Norah in your suitcase. She is adorable! I know you cant wait to get your hands on Miss Rebecca. She is going to give Ryan and Emma a run for their money.

Felicia said...

They are just the cutest together.
I can't wait to meet Miss Rebecca. And oh, it looks so warm in those pictures. I really should live in the south.