Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guangzhou Zoo

Not much to say about the zoo but we did enjoy walking around and enjoying the Florida type weather. The one funny thing though is that one exhibit was nothing but a dog, too funny. So instead of a bunch of words, how about some pix today:

Our guide Alison, another angel from heaven. For our church friends, you may remember that she came one Sunday with us a couple of years ago. A truly amazing lady!

Alison with Emma. Alison was brand new with our agency when we adopted Emma so I know she has a special place in her heart for her very first group.

Rebecca didn't warm up too easily to Alison ... until Alison offered her some ice cream and then all of a sudden she was her long lost best buddy! Brent, Angie and Paul ... that's the secret to winning her over, food - especially sweets! Just like her mama :-)


Jodee Leader said...

It looks like you had a great day at the zoo. Cute pictures!

Wendy said...

Looks like fun. What beautiful children your three are!!!

Heather said...

Just found your blog from a link on the starfish blog.
I have a funny request, could you please send me the picture of the red powderpuff flower or red Tassel flower as it's known in Chinese. I'd love for my daughter to see it as she's named after it. Botanically it's Calliandra which roughly translates into Beautiful mankind and that's what she is, a beautiful bit of mankind.
Sincerely Heather BT
heatherbt at mac dot com