Saturday, January 17, 2009

Forbidden City & Tianamen Square

Here's some pictures from our first full day in Beijing, better late than never I suppose.

We're finally in Guangzhou where the weather is mild and it's much more laid back! It's nice to be back in more familiar territory.

Oh! I found my camera cable!!! I thought I had packed it & sure enough I did!

This picture was taken as we were leaving the Forbidden City. The sign by the tree reads "The branch interlocked Cypresses symbolize loyal love. It is said Puyi and Wanrong, the last emperor and empress of the Quing dynasty, had their photograph taken in front of the trees after their wedding ceremony to show that "we wish to fly in heaven, two birds with one pair of wings, and to grow together on earth, two trees with branches interlaced".

Our guide Susan, an angel sent from Heaven. She was with us in Beijing and then with us and another family to Xian, which is her home town. She was able to take us to her favorite restaurants and sites. Before working for AHH, she was a professional guide in Xian so she knows her bid'ness! Her mother was so kind to send some homemade Chinese dumplings for our lunch on the day we left Xian. They give the word YUM a whole new meaning!

This family stopped us and wanted to take a picture of the kids with their kids, one of Brian with the gentleman & then me with the women. They just smiled so sweetly as if to say thank you. A very touching moment.

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Andrea Nielsen said...

Susan was our guide and we loved her also! I am so glad you all are having such an amazing trip and that Rebecca is doing so well. Blessings