Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Great Wall of China

I have to admit that I have this huge hangup about things needing to be in order. Specifically chronological order. So let me quit typing for a minute and find some benadryl to take for the hives that are forming at the mere thought of me posting out of order.

Okay, better now - Finally getting around to posting some pictures from our trip to the Great Wall. From where we started you could see 4 "stations" or whatever the heck they call them but Emma's poor little short legs were having a hard time navigating the steep and uneven steps. My behind was remembering the same trip 3 years ago and how I could barely walk the next day, so I suffered along with Emma and only walked a short way. Anything for my children, anything they need :-)

Of course Ryan though had to go as far up as he could. Little Mr. Physical fitness himself. I do not have a good picture of all 4 towers, but I promise it was way the heck up there and the little stinker still had a ton of energy after getting back.

You can only see 3 of the towers, but Ryan made it up to another one that was up and to the right.

This is the view to the other side of the street that we were told had an easier hike. Umhmmm ...


Wendy said...

What great photos. Emma couldn't be cuter in her purple hat and good for Ryan for being able to climb so high....that's a lot of stairs!

Natalie said...

Congratulations on a beautiful new little daughter and a beautiful family. I am so happy for you. I have been following your journey for about a wk 1/2 since I found your blog and am so excited for you.

Teresa said...

Heh! I told myself that I would sacrifice the hike up the rest of the towers so I could videotape Rick and Peter hiking up instead. Don't you think that was nice of me? ;)

I was very happy with my decision.

What a beautiful treasure Rebecca is and the photo album of her from Starfish is priceless. I wish I had something like that from Caroline's SWI.