Thursday, January 15, 2009

Terra Cotta Warriors

I'm a little messed up on my days, but the "other" day we visited the Terra Cotta Warriors. What a site to behold!

On the way there we stopped at a recreation factory and a gentleman gave us a tour and explained each step of the process. He was so kind to the kids too and allowed each of them to take a piece of clay and push down into the molds to make their own little warrior. Rebecca was the last one and I think he thought she really wouln't want to make one so he just handed her some clay. She handed it back and pointed to the mold! You go girlfriend! He laughed and then helped her make one too.

Then it was on out to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. The find is in the middle of farmland and we passed many people selling their fruits by the side of the road. Susan told us that pomegranets (sp?) are bountiful in this region.

We visited 4 different excavation pits and were able to see the various stages of the finds. I think Susan said these were made over 2000 years ago. That is just mind boggling to me that they were so detailed and able to make things like that. Even the welding they used on the chariots and horse bridles, she told us the mm size (of which I have forgotten) but very tiny. Google it - it's well worth the read. The last pit we visited is where they found over 6,000 soldiers!


Wendy said...

Sounds like things are going well. It's amazing to hear that you are out sightseeing with Rebecca. These kids really are incredible in the way they way they deal with all the changes they face. What a brave girl!!!

Linda said...

Oh so lucky to see the warriors. I would love to see them. Looks like you are seeing many things and your children are getting an education. Love to see your family all together.....God Bless... Linda