Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ryan Humor

Want to know what cracked Ryan up tonight .... pop on over to his blog (I just realized I never told you guys that he's blogging on this trip).

I also wanted to share a cute story. The kids have been a little bit on the confined side while we were in Xian. We did get out and about on tours and such but we didn't really get a chance to just let them run and play. There were SO many people there and just getting from point A to point B seemed like a chore at times. We were so afraid of losing one of them in the crowd. But now we are here in Guanzhou and the whole climate is much different. Not just weather either! We went out and about this evening and just walked around and then we took them to a park that Ryan particularly liked on our last trip. Rebecca was so excited to see a slide and she and Emma just ran and played and giggled and squealed - it was really cute.

There was a jogging track too so Ryan was running laps (thank goodness, that child had a LOT of energy that needed to get out). On about Ryan's 8th lap or so, Rebecca was trying to find him and she was yelling "Ry-ah, Ry-ah" and then she and Emma both saw him about the same time and they started running behind him. It was the absolutely cutest sight!

Rebecca has really warmed up to "Ry-ah" now and wants to hold his hand and sit in his lap. She hugged him up close yesterday and said "I love you Ry-ah". Too sweet!


Sharla said...


We adopted through AHH this past summer so I knew about your adoption through the SN Yahoo Group, I actually e-mailed you once about my cousin Shannon who had been to Starfish Home and had pictures of Rebecca...

Anyway, I was just catching up on your posts and read where Rebecca is having a harder time attaching/bonding with you. I went through the same thing with Abby, age 6... It's been almost 6 months now and while I continue to see progress, it is slow. That is not meant to be a discouragement, but an encouragement that it will happen. Just keep loving her, but on her terms. If Abby doesn't want a hug, I don't force it, when it comes to 'motherly' things, I let her have her say so and then follow everything with, "That's ok, I love you forever."

One thing that helped tremendously is that no one in our family was allowed to do anything for her except me... If she wanted a drink of water, they sent her to, she had to come to me...hurt, to me... We've been able to moderate that over time...

It's an incredible journey to watch the process of it happening. I shed a few tears through the process (quietly, in my room where she couldn't see) I didn't want to put any pressure on her to accept me.

But it is clearly happening, just the other day, she thought I was about to leave to take our older son somewhere and when I told her that our friend was taking him, she cheered!

I'm sorry this is so long but I didn't know how else to contact you... I guess it could be a non-issue since you haven't written about it in a few days, but just in case, I wanted to encourage you.

She is so adorable and it is so sweet how she is bonding with your other daughter.

Many blessings to you and your family,


Leslie said...

What a cute post about the kids running behind Ryan.

Would love to see a picture of all 3 together.

Is Rebecca the same height as Emma?

Still praying for you and can't wait to meet Little Rebecca.

Alison said...

Hey Carolin!

Just got a chance to read most of your posts. It looks like you're having an amazing time! Ryan's blog is so cute. Seems like he's taking everything in stride. Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Heather said...

How sweet that Rebecca has taken to Ryan! That is a wonderful bond that they will always share.

Glad that your kids are enjoying the trip. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carolin,

Just wanted you to know I am lurking. :) The blog is great; your pictures are beautiful. It looks like Rebecca is fitting in well already. What a blessing!

I have been trying to wrap my head around how many seemingly insignificant and/or random events happened for your family to be completed with sweet little Rebecca. I keep thinking about the day you brought your dossier in for me to review. It's so overwhelming to think about how every little thing had to fall in to place for this to all happen! It makes me smile.


Teresa said...

Great photos, Carolin! I love how much Rebecca is starting to love her new family.

Thanks for mentioning Ryan's blog! It's great! I really enjoy reading his view of China and the fun he is having.

Felicia said...

Oh what a cute story. All of your kiddos are so sweet and Rebecca's going to fit right in. I hope the outfit I got her fits. Glad you guys are in Guangzhou!

Sharyn said...

I'm so glad that Ryan is blogging, too. It's great to read about the trip from his point of view. He writes so well. His pictures are great, too.