Friday, August 7, 2009

Biking Around Mackinac Island

The main thing Ryan wanted to do on vacation was to rent bikes and ride around Mackinac Island and of course we couldn't disappoint him. There were so many people riding around and it just seemed like the perfect fun family thing to do. We had been told that it was an 8 mile ride around the island and that it was a relatively flat and easy ride so we stopped by the bike shop to outfit the crew. Ryan was first with a bike for himself, Brian and Emma next with a regular bike for him and then one of those tagalong bikes for Miz Divine. The tagalong looks like a normal bike but instead of a front tire, the front of the bike attaches to the parents' bike. Rebecca and I opted for a regular bike for me and then one of those enclosed attached things that she could ride in. It was nap time for her anyway and we knew she would be fast asleep in no time.

Oh, and a funny thing to add ... the guy at the bike shop told us that he has had customers who made it about 6 miles, decided the bike ride was too much and then turned around and came back. What??? Surely not!

Anyway, we took off on our bikes with everyone smiling and enjoying the day. Ryan was leading the way, Brian & Emma were following fairly close behind and then Rebecca and I were bringing up the rear. Bex was soon lulled to sleep and we were enjoying riding around the shoreline with many other like minded folks. Great day indeed. We were probably 30 to 45 minutes into the ride when I guess Emma became somewhat bored with just plain ol' bike riding so she started in with her Emma antics. First it was just holding her arms straight out, then it was holding her legs straight out and then sometimes the hands would go straight up. Just about every time she did something like this she would turn around and flash me her megawatt smile. She was enjoying life to its fullest. I was enjoying the show and even more so enjoying comments from other bike riders traveling in the opposite direction. Family after family would make some comment like "did you see that little girl", "she was soooo cute" or you would just hear people chuckling at her antics. It wasn't long at all until she was bored with those things too and she started standing up on her bike seat while holding the bike handles. It was absolutely hilarious and the reaction from people was even funnier. To add to all this, Brian was completely oblivious to the shenanigans going on right behind him.

All the fun and games came to an abrupt stop though when Emma put her bare foot on the moving bike tire .... I didn't see it happen but looked up when I heard the screech of bike tires and saw their bike go sideways. Brian thought she had put on the brakes but for one, she didn't have brakes and number two - the big ol' crocodile tears were a dead giveaway that something had gone awry. The remainder of the bike ride was spent in the enclosed cart thingy with Rebecca. Bless her little bones. We were able to talk her into getting back on her bike for just a few minutes when we got back to town but it was most definitely against her strong little will.

When we stopped for a short break, Emma hitched a ride with Ryan. This is how she used to ride on my bike when she was a baby.
Rebecca refreshed from her nap!

A rare shot of Emma crying, just not something she ususally does. But her little foot had a good size rubber burn on it.


Felicia said...

What a great vacation. Love the pics. Poor little Emma...hope her foot is okay.

Leslie said...

I want to go on vacation there Caroline. I so have enjoyed all your posts about it. It looks so amazing. I have always loved the Grand Hotel, and loved the movie as well. Was it Lost in Time, or Back in Time???? Can't remember the title right at this moment.

Poor little Emma. I've never seen her cry. Only big smiles from her. Bless her little heart.

Courtney said...

Sounds like a great ride for the most part. Hope her foot is better!