Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lansing - State Capitol Visit

If you've been following along on the blog for a while you probably know the real reason we visited Michigan, so that Ryan could tour another state capitol. I told Brian that while we may not be able to get to all 50 of them at least it's helped us visit some places we probably would not have ever gone to before. I think this makes #12 for him.

This visit certainly didn't disappoint, we had a wonderful tour guide that seemed tickled that such a young guy has a goal of visiting all 50 and said that typically she only sees retired people with a similar goal. Does that mean Ryan has an old soul? ha.

Some interesting things about the capitol, the architect also designed the state capitol for Texas and Colorado. The floor on the ground level is made out of glass blocks and has lights under them, really interesting to look at. As you went higher in the building the floor looked concave. Just wish my shots of it could have shown how really neat it looked. Then there is the dome. Wow. I should have looked through the book before I started this post so I could quote some facts, but just didn't so please forgive me. You can read more about the dome here. Looking up from the rotunda is very beautiful, it's something like 160 feet up to the top of the eye of the dome and provides a glimpse into the vastness of the sky which is represented by a starry sky. Very beautiful. There were matching 'Michigan' chandleliers too that were designed for the building that feature elk and shields inspired by the states coat of arms. Even the hinges for the doors had the same design.


Courtney said...

I think that is a wonderful goal. Cute photos!

Marla said...

Wow, your family is amazing, how do you fit it all in? I would love a lesson or two.:o)

quilt'n mama said...

looks like you are having an awesome vacation. We used to go to Michigan to visiti family every couple of years and loved it!
Email me your number when you get home. We are starting to make plans for our trip east:)